Volunteers can light up even the darkest scenarios.

If you have the time, the energy and the desire to live an enriching experience with the children in one of the permanent venues of our inflatable games, you can become a volunteer of the expedition.

If you cannot help in person, you can choose a financial collaboration with the project through different means: either by becoming a member or making one time donation.

100% of the people that are part of Expedition Smile do it as volunteers. All the funds raised, time and effort have only one goal: to reach more children. For that we need your help.


We want you to be part of our solidarity project. You just need to play and be a child again.

¿Have you ever volunteered? Volunteering is a task that goes beyond “giving”, because what you “receive”. In return, it will improve your life. You learn to value life in a different perspective and to change your way of thinking and feeling. Being a volunteer enriches you as a person, by growing in positive values.

Each year, a series of spots are opened, which are limited and vary according to the availability of the centers that host the volunteers.

The destinations where we have permanent inflatable games, and carry out the volunteer campaigns are:

  • Misiones, ARGENTINA (Permanent Game) 
  • C.A.B.A & Gran Bs.As. (Itinerant Game)
  • Little Corn Island, NICARAGUA (Permanent Game)
  • Tessaout, MOROCCO (Permanent Game)


New life and learning experiences

You collaborate with people who really need it, but this help you give is reciprocal. You feel useful and they will appreciate your involvement. This is what volunteering contributes the most.

You learn from different people

As you meet people from different environments; your mind opens to new points of view that you had not contemplated before; you learn not to be guided by the first impression and not to judge anyone without knowing it previously. Everyone at some point in our life needs help.

It makes you feel good about yourself

Helping to improve other people’s lives makes you feel amazing, useful and accomplished.The day you realized that your work and your advice have helped someone to improve their life you will feel the happiness that comes with it.

It gives you a vision of the problems that exist in society

And therefore, volunteering makes you more sensitive. Sensitizes you to problems that you might never been aware of, it allows you to open your mind and understand the needs that others may have and the importance of contributing on initiatives that can help them.

It brings you happiness and increases your self-esteem

When you develop an activity in favor of others you feel incredibly well. Therefore, it is not surprising that volunteers affirm that they feel happier and have a higher level of self-esteem. Knowing that you have helped other people empowers you and motivates you to continue collaborating and being a better person. At the same time, you get a more positive view of the world, since you contribute and work to improve it, and that inevitably makes you happy. Volunteering enriches your life and helps you find meaning in your existence. It is without a doubt the best way to get out of your daily routine and to promote good deeds. Only by contributing your little grain of sand can you begin to change everything.

You grow as a person

When you help people who need it altruistically you become a better person. You can help and give your best to society to create a better world.


The contribution of the volunteers is essential to achieve the social integration with children in each meeting we organize. Their main function is the accompaniment and attention to children, through recreational activities and games.


The first step will be to fill out the form at the end of this page. Once enrolled, we will inform you of upcoming volunteer campaigns, dates, costs, location, etc.


No specific knowledge is needed on any subject. However, knowledge of the field of education, social work, psychology, health or previous experience will be valuable.

There are some essential requirements, such as being of legal age, being a person with a positive attitude, open and adaptable.


Once confirmed your participation in the agreed campaign, we will contact you to call an interview, which may be via email or telephone.


Volunteering has a cost of participation necessary to cover the expenses of accommodation, food and logistics. The cost will change according to the destination.


The members who contribute to the project will have priority in the vacancies of the volunteer campaigns. Thanks to their contribution, it is possible all this dream possible. If you are a member yet,
follow this link .


Apart from being able to join our volunteer campaigns in the permanent headquarters, you can also help us in other areas such as organization, promotion, etc. All the people envolved in this project, do it as volunteers.

It’s the volunteer who participates temporarily in the volunteer campaigns in the permanent headquarters or other temporary activity.

To reach more places, we need local volunteers to help us expand our project to more Countries and Cities. They help to organize and carry out the activities with a bouncy castle within their own place.

The active volunteer is a person committed to the project in general, and collaborates in all areas of the project. Promotion, organization of teamworks, fundraising campaigns, new ideas to carry out, etc.


The only way we have to continue adding games and reaching more kids is by adding members to Expedition Smile. We have no contributions from any private company or governments. We are all volunteers who work together to create the first charity network of bouncy castles in the world and make this dream possible. Therefore, we invite you to join us also as a member.

1) Smile Expedition members will have priority in vacancies to volunteer campaigns.

2) Your name is printed in each new bouncy castle.

If you are not a member yet, you can do it in the "Join Now" section.

Do you want to make children smile?

Join us and help to build the firs charity network of bouncy games in the world!


Expedition Smile is a non-profit project who promotes children’s rights, especially the right to play. We do it through recreational activities with bouncy castles around the world.

Thanks to your collaboration we are creating the first charity network of inflatable games in the world. More games, more smiles.
Join Expedition Smile!


We want you to be part of our charity network. You just need to like playing and be a child again.